Dehydrated Dog Treats

We once posted about dehydrating treats using an oven, and have been using that method up until someone blessed us with a Rommelsbacher dehydrator she no longer needed. Ever since then, we have been trying all sorts of items from meat to organs to fish! As we weren't able to find many posts about dehydrating … Continue reading Dehydrated Dog Treats


The Foobler – Reviewed!

When the very friendly Debrah from Nekojam dropped a message regarding a test-run for The Foobler, I was more than excited to say the least. After reviewing 5 of our chosen interactive dog toys and puzzles, the buzz was starting to wear off and a new addition to the proverbial family was neatly well-timed and … Continue reading The Foobler – Reviewed!

Recipe #7: Liver Bites & Brownies

The first recipe ever posted on this blog was "Recipe #1: Liver Brownies Recipe for Dogs", and because Cotton's treats jar was empty, we decided to remake those and try making our hand at someย liver cookies too! We have updated the liver brownies recipe, so do head over if you would like to make some … Continue reading Recipe #7: Liver Bites & Brownies

5 Interactive Dog Toys and Puzzles – Review

Ever wanted to buy a dog interactive toy for your dog, but unsure which, out of all the many options out there, to get? Having faced the same problem, after much deliberation and consideration, here are my short listed top 5! Because of the lengthy coverage, this post will have 5 different sections for each of the … Continue reading 5 Interactive Dog Toys and Puzzles – Review

If It’s Not For Me, I Want It

This dog here has no inclination towards anything dog. She doesn't play with toys, she doesn't like balls and she is extremely fussy with treats. However, on our recent purchase with Amazon, we made it a point to include some extra dog toys as future gifts. Somehow, this girl decided that she suddenly likes toys … Continue reading If It’s Not For Me, I Want It

“Dehydrated” Dog Treats – No Dehydrator Needed

Recently, more and more pet owners have been buying dehydrators to dehydrated their very own dog treats for their pampered pooches. I was so tempted to hop onto the proverbial bandwagon, however, I was deterred by the fact Cotton can be quite the picky pup and my investment could very well go to waste. Hence, … Continue reading “Dehydrated” Dog Treats – No Dehydrator Needed

Recipe #6: Pup-rific Peanut Butter Cookies

What's better than peanut butter? Peanut butter cookies! These cookies were so quick and easy to make and the dough is impressively pliable -- probably one of best I have worked with! Of course, this couldn't be achieved without kitchen helper Cotton! ๐Ÿ™‚ Peanut butter is an extremely healthy source of fat and contains high … Continue reading Recipe #6: Pup-rific Peanut Butter Cookies

Picky Dog #2

A couple months back, I posted a short snippet on how picky Cotton can get. Here are even more instances of how picky she can get. She was so picky that when the volunteers dropped her off for home stay, they told us that her fosterer had told them that she doesn't eat treats, or … Continue reading Picky Dog #2

#MyWritingProcess Tour – Memories and Milestones

I've been waiting to publish this for so so so so so long, here goes! --------- I was invited by JX, from to join The Writing Process Tour ๐Ÿ˜€ If you are an avid reader of all things dog-related or photography, chances are that you have chanced across her blog, centred around her 4-year … Continue reading #MyWritingProcess Tour – Memories and Milestones

#DIY Recipes: Cheesy Kong stuffing

When we first purchased the Kong Classic, we were so tempted to buy the Kong specific stuffing, but they were so expensive and seemed a little too indulgent. After looking online for Kong stuffing alternatives, we came across this DIY/recipe tutorial! 1. Stuff cheese (shredded/grated/slices) into the Kong 2. Microwave on high for 5-7 seconds, … Continue reading #DIY Recipes: Cheesy Kong stuffing