Cotton Reviews: Kohepets Shopping Haul

As the saying goes “too many cooks spoil the broth”. With so many online pet stores (and derivatives on Carousell, Shoppee, etc) popping up left, right and centre, it can be really hard to choose which pet store to purchase your supplies from. With this in mind, when Kohepets contacted us a month back to … Continue reading Cotton Reviews: Kohepets Shopping Haul

Cotton Reviews: 10 Must-haves For Every Dog Owner

26/10/2016 : While this post was written more than a year ago (read the following paragraph), we felt there was no harm posting this up because upon reading it again 1 year later (again, to be explained in the next paragraph), our views have not remained unchanged. We swapped out some items we felt didn't live … Continue reading Cotton Reviews: 10 Must-haves For Every Dog Owner

If It’s Not For Me, I Want It

This dog here has no inclination towards anything dog. She doesn't play with toys, she doesn't like balls and she is extremely fussy with treats. However, on our recent purchase with Amazon, we made it a point to include some extra dog toys as future gifts. Somehow, this girl decided that she suddenly likes toys … Continue reading If It’s Not For Me, I Want It

Picky Dog #2

A couple months back, I posted a short snippet on how picky Cotton can get. Here are even more instances of how picky she can get. She was so picky that when the volunteers dropped her off for home stay, they told us that her fosterer had told them that she doesn't eat treats, or … Continue reading Picky Dog #2

#MyWritingProcess Tour – Memories and Milestones

I've been waiting to publish this for so so so so so long, here goes! --------- I was invited by JX, from to join The Writing Process Tour 😀 If you are an avid reader of all things dog-related or photography, chances are that you have chanced across her blog, centred around her 4-year … Continue reading #MyWritingProcess Tour – Memories and Milestones

Adopting a dog from a shelter or welfare organisation

Some of you may know that Cotton, our estimated 4 year old Maltese, was adopted from Hope Dog Rescue, one of the many welfare organisations in Singapore, specific to dogs and the occasional cat.Each welfare organisation has it's own "specialty" such as: 1. Hope Dog Rescue - No shelter, hence only having the capacity to help … Continue reading Adopting a dog from a shelter or welfare organisation

Black and White Sunday #1: The Jailed Doge

Jamie and the now prisoner Cotton I am taking part in the Black and White Sunday blog hop which is hosted by Dachshund Nola and Sugar The Golden Retriever

This dog is so so so sweet

Perhaps this has some significance in terms of dog behaviour but I'm just going to humanise it and continue thinking this way; cause it's just too adorable to think otherwise! 😛 A few days ago as we were leaving the house, Cotton suddenly sat down (in the middle of no where) and her tail swept … Continue reading This dog is so so so sweet

Doggy Outing: Unlikely places – Changi Airport

When we went to Changi Airport 2 months ago, a kind Certis Cisco guard saw mama Tan waiting with Cotton at the pick up area while I ran inside to drop off sis, and told her dogs could enter the airports, so as long as their legs didn't touch the ground. Awesome news! We have … Continue reading Doggy Outing: Unlikely places – Changi Airport