#TIL: Cotton’s fear/phobia

It's MONDAY!! Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslims ^^ I discovered this TIL yesterday (so technically it's YIL now) but was trying to get some work done to justify going to IKEA so I didn't write this post finish 😀 --- Cotton, apart from the lack of socialisation and occasional excessive barking, can be said … Continue reading #TIL: Cotton’s fear/phobia

#TIL: Security Blanket

#TIL: Today I Learnt - inspired by Reddit I used to scoff at owners who lament at how different/sad/depressed their dogs became after being shaved down - cause dogs don't know the concept of beauty right? Surprisingly though Cotton has been feeling a little down ever since coming back from grooming (she had to be … Continue reading #TIL: Security Blanket