Cotton’s Adventures: Swimming at The Wagington

Recently, Cotton was diagnosed with congenital mild grade 1 luxating patella in both hind legs. While at this stage surgery is not necessary, it is vital to keep her lean and fit with high muscle tone! Hence, we promised her that swimming at least twice a month will be on our To-Do list from now … Continue reading Cotton’s Adventures: Swimming at The Wagington

Cotton’s Adventures: Canterbury Road

After much persistence from our friend Kimmey to visit this place called "Canterbury Road" - to take pictures of the doggies - I finally relented and agreed despite it being such an "ulu" place. And it was probably the best decision (of 2015 :P): To start the new year with a walk with friends and … Continue reading Cotton’s Adventures: Canterbury Road

Bishan Doge Run

Because I'm the paranoid parrot, I like to be prepared for any unexpected circumstances, living up to the phrase "expect the unexpected" 🙂 Before heading down to Bishan Dog Run, to be better prepared (first time owner here lah!), I read plenty of articles and blog posts such as: 1. Sam's adventure to Bishan Dog … Continue reading Bishan Doge Run

Barkday Pawties

Yesterday Cotton got to attend her first barkday party! The lucky pups were Lucky the Maltese, celebrating his third birthday, and Paris the Japanese Spitz, celebrating her first birthday 🙂 The food was plentiful and while both parties were significantly different, they were equally fun. Lucky's party was slightly smaller with 5-6 guests and their … Continue reading Barkday Pawties