Grooming At Furbabies

After a 4 month hiatus from grooming, we finally brought scruffy McGee for some scissor action! We were uncertain where exactly to start, as a few months back, we had discovered that Cotton would freak out whenever we were close to, or walking by, her regular grooming place - Catalysing our decision to change groomers. … Continue reading Grooming At Furbabies

#TIL: Security Blanket

#TIL: Today I Learnt - inspired by Reddit I used to scoff at owners who lament at how different/sad/depressed their dogs became after being shaved down - cause dogs don't know the concept of beauty right? Surprisingly though Cotton has been feeling a little down ever since coming back from grooming (she had to be … Continue reading #TIL: Security Blanket

Grooming at Our Pet Shop @ Serangoon

Having read so many scary comments and stories about dogs being nipped by scissors, ears accidentally cut off, tongues snipped off, or too deep cutting into their nail quick resulting in bleeding, I often research thoroughly before bringing Cotton to a groomer/new groomer, or just any new experiences I want to expose her to. I … Continue reading Grooming at Our Pet Shop @ Serangoon