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Hi there and welcome! 🙂

This blog is written by Jamie, Cotton’s 20-year old owner from Singapore, to record the adventures and journeys Cotton and I have together. Here, I also express my views on pet ownership and caring for Cotton, as well as share my tips, advice and recipes that worked for Cotton and I.

How did we come to have Cotton become such an inseparable part of our lives? It was thanks to HOPE Dogs Rescue, a group of animal lovers dedicated to helping animals who are abused or abandoned:

In April of 2013, Cotton was found dirty, unkempt and exhausted after a period of neglect and having roamed the streets during her abandonment. After being rescued, she was brought to a vet, and fostered temporarily by some kind people. However, she suffered daily seizure episodes. It was only in mid-August 2013, when my only sister Jasmine left for Norway on scholarship did my Mum and I start to seriously contemplate the adoption of a dog, as a companion for our family. Cotton caught our eye, and after a 4-week fostering period, she finally found a home with us in November 2013. (Coincidentally, the adoption was approved on the birthday of my Mum, what was a lovely present yeah!)

We are so glad to have the opportunity to love Cotton, and she is now as happy as a dog can be. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit, and stay tuned for more amazing adventures to come!

Support HOPE Dog Rescue and their good work here: www.hopedogrescue.blogspot.com. You can read her rescue story here and her adoption story here.

Follow us on Instagram here (close to 9000 followers!): www.instagram.com/cottonthemaltese 

Lots of love, Jamie and Cotton


19 thoughts on “About Us

    • cottonthemaltese says:

      Thank you! ^^ Yes they are! 🙂 they have experienced what’s it like not having a roof over their head and hence very sweet and grateful dogs (and of course there’s the other end that becomes fear aggressive but still very sweet dogs underneath) 😀

  1. soireadthisbooktoday says:

    Awwww…. I miss my Peanut! He was a Maltese too – a rescue from a puppy mill. He was missing one back foot, and all but part of the pad on the other, and when I had him he had a huge hole in his back from fleas – but he was the best little guy in the world. He lived for 10-years! My wonderful, wonderful vet wrapped his foot, gave me meds for his back, and after several weeks he was running the whole house! I miss him so much….. but he had a WONDERFUL life, and I wouldn’t change our time together for anything. Enjoy your WONDERFUL baby!

  2. lisalabelle2014 says:

    I am so glad you found Cotton and that she has a good home now. She’s so cute and she does look like cotton. Is it wrong for me to want to dip her in toner and rub her all over my face? Forget I said that.

  3. loisajay says:

    Well, hello Cotton! What a cutie you are! My Muffin was also found dirty, unkempt and exhausted…and she turned out as beautiful as you! So happy you were rescued.

  4. azurro4cielo says:

    very lovely Cotton.
    Just reminded me about my Aillen (mongrel). I adopted her from her previous owner when they thought to stray her on street if no one wanted her. That time Aillen only two weeks puppies with her siblings (other three which later on only she survive). The previous owner just leaving them without proper nutrient. She was the only female and survive while the others died because of Parvo and bad treatment from others adopters.
    I was extremely angry that time when I knew the previous owner wanted to stray her and leaving the puppy to survive on street. I begged my mom for adopting Aillen and here she is, with me.

    • cottonthemaltese says:

      That’s horrible 😦 I’m so glad Aillen has found a home with you! 🙂 here in Singapore, abandonment is a crime that could result in fines up to 10k, so people either abandon when no one is looking or try to find another home for them, while threatening that if no one adopts them they will put the dog to sleep 😦 I’m glad your mum agreed to let you adopt and Aillen has a good home with you 🙂

  5. gypsybutterflyca says:

    Hi, I wanted to thank you for liking my post, For the Dog Lovers–10 Interesting Facts. Cotton looks sweet. Bless for adopting her.

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