Cotton’s Adventures: Swimming at The Wagington

Recently, Cotton was diagnosed with congenital mild grade 1 luxating patella in both hind legs.

Post vet visit few weeks back

While at this stage surgery is not necessary, it is vital to keep her lean and fit with high muscle tone! Hence, we promised her that swimming at least twice a month will be on our To-Do list from now on!

Initially, we decided to head to Sunny Heights for a swim instead as the “baby pool” with steps made swimming much easier for this hydrophobic dog. However, due to an impromptu pool closure, we were forced to find another location nearby – and TADA! Swimming at The Wagington!

The Wagington Luxury Pet Hotel and Resort

The Wagington Luxury Pet Hotel and Resort is super posh and “atas”, with marbled flooring and has scented fragrance every step you go. Soft elevator music plays in the background, and all in all it feels like the equivalent of Marina Bay Sands for dogs (LOL).

Boarding area for dogs, view from the pool

Upon reaching there, the laobanniang (lady boss)  gave us a tour of the hotel suites (for pets), bathing facilities (for humans) and the play area where large and small dogs were separated. It seems to me, a layman, that the grass used is carpet grass instead of the regular grass you can find all over Singapore – super cool (and expensive)! Rates are comparatively high – click here for more details!

That aside, here’s more about the pool!

Luxurious bone pool with a Cabana and Parasol for humans to rest

To be completely honest, while the humans were impressed, Cotton didn’t like swimming at The Wagington. 😦

majestic zuma who refused to enter the pool (@tshirtdog)

The pool has one baby step, then immediately followed by the deeper pool. Hence small dogs like Cotton might find themselves suddenly plunged into the water without much warning, and cowardly dogs like Cotton might hence get scared.

let me out pls!

In addition, there’s only one way in and out, and when Cotton reached the other end of the pool which had no exit, she tried to crawl (claw) her way out. This turned her body completely vertical and made my panic a little that she was going to drown!

Another toy poodle, Brownie, actually got submerged completely underwater while trying to climb up from the pool. Quite a scary moment!

fibre glass entrance to the pool

The pool itself though, is a complete step up above the rest (of doggy pools). There are bubble jets (like those in a jacuzzi) lined all around the pool. The filtration system works well and keeps the pool clean, too well in fact that 2 toys got sucked into the filter 😛

post-swimming wet rat

Life jackets however, have to be bought and are not for rental. I would advise just buying from either Aliexpress or Qoo10 before heading down to The Wagington, if you are unsure whether you dog can swim well.

And if you are bringing your dog swimming for the first time, I would again recommend bringing your dog to Sunny Heights or the beach, where this hydrophobic dog actually had a good time!

washing bay for dogs, elevated bath tub

After swimming, there’s a cool elevated bathtub to bathe or rinse off your dog. Again, very impressive facilities catered to convenience for humans. However, we couldn’t find any pet blower anywhere (which is valid, however disappointing for this place that seemed to have everything catered), so do bring some towels along to dry off your pet if you’re heading there!

post bath selfie!

While The Wagington serves drinks for humans, no food is served or allowed within the pet hotel. PSY Cafe is nearby, but it isn’t dog friendly, so do have your fill before heading down!

living the high life lol

All in all, it was a really interesting experience for us humans, but we doubt we will be back since the doggy didn’t enjoy herself!

For the month of February, The Wagington has a 1-for-1 promotion, meaning bring 2 dogs and pay for the price of 1. In total we paid $30 for 2 dogs for about 1.5hrs of swim! Without this promotion, the rates are as follows:

Bone Pool rates without promotion, taken from

The Wagington Hotels and Resorts

The Wagington
27B Loewen Road Singapore 248850

Operation Hours
Monday to Saturday: 7.30am to 7.30pm
Sunday & Public Holidays: 10am to 7.30pm

Until our next adventure

Jamie and Cotton ❤

Visit Cotton’s Instagram here!

2 thoughts on “Cotton’s Adventures: Swimming at The Wagington

  1. weliveinaflat says:

    Sorry to hear Cotton has luxating patella but glad that it’s mild. Since Cotton is small, you can actually consider getting her to like water more by exposing her to her own private wading/swimming pool first. Susan Garrett is currently sharing a series of great posts on Facebook where she is teaching new border collie puppies to swim

    That’s actually something I would be keen to try with Donna (who is also not a natural water dog)… if she were smaller (which unfortunately she isn’t. Haha!)

    Thanks for taking us on a tour to Wagington.

    • cottonthemaltese says:

      Thanks for sharing the videos!! Those BC puppies are so adorable! Would love to have a wading pool too but I can already hear the parents nagging lol so better not 😛 We are currently getting her to like the bath tub though (I think you shared this video of a BC/Aussie being taught to jump in and out of the bathtub to like baths?), and eventually bath time/swimming, so the video helps lots! If you intend to bring Donna out for swimming often, having a life jacket helped Cotton so you can consider that too! She went from sinking (due to not knowing to paddle her hind legs) to being able to swim/even entering sunpets/sunny heights on her own.

      Sure! Would definitely not recommend Wagington for dogs who aren’t confident water babies (and Cotton kept getting cesar millan-ed scolding for growling from the lady boss which irritated me.. :/) I really like Sunny Heights though, if only it were closer!

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