Cotton’s Adventures: Canterbury Road

After much persistence from our friend Kimmey to visit this place called “Canterbury Road” – to take pictures of the doggies – I finally relented and agreed despite it being such an “ulu” place. And it was probably the best decision (of 2015 :P): To start the new year with a walk with friends and nature.


Beanie and Cotton

Canterbury Road is off Alexandra Road, a 5 minute walk from Hort Park. To preface, it’s probably one of the only parts of Singapore still preserved in it’s entirety, with Old British Bungalows lining the sides of the roads, rather inconspicuously behind the abundance of greens.


Location of Canterbury Road by Google Maps

Initially, having the luxury of time, we walked around aimlessly and found some great phototaking spots, but not the picturesque views we had heard of from AwayWeGoo. Nevertheless, we trudged on, knowing that there had to be something of that sort around here.


Cotton and a random tree!

After a few wrong turns, we finally came across lush green plains dotted with shrubs, bushes and trees!


Hill at Canterbury Road

The view was really amazing for somewhere in Singapore – The Concrete Jungle. Offering a brief respite from the city life, it’s really such a nice place to have a picnic or a leisurely stroll with your dog.

Without boring you further, here are some of the photos we took that day!


Lush greens


Beautiful view beyond the hill


Run like the wind, Bullseye!


Electric eyes πŸ˜›

After spending close to 2 hours walking about, Cotton was feeling the strain and decided that she didn’t quite want to cooperate any further. She uncharacteristically started rolling in grass, and mud, and then decided she didn’t want to move any more. She looks really really grumpy in the following photos, so beware! πŸ˜›


Found a new bed, ma!


Worm like dog or dog like worm?


Have fun cleaning me up ya!


Error 404: dog not found

It was a real pity our visit was cut short due to the impending rain, else I’m sure we could have discovered even better views higher up!

I would advise against visiting the Angsana tree off Canterbury Road as it’s the home for mozzies. Despite spraying a generous dose of insect repellent, both Kimmey and I returned home with more than 20 bites 😦 Being the sacrificial lambs we were, the only 2 mosquito patches we had were given to the pups!


Mozzie home

If you are looking for a part of nature left relatively untouched by the economical development, do drop by Canterbury Road for a rare experience.

Until our next adventure,
Jamie and Cotton ❀

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