Grooming At Furbabies

After a 4 month hiatus from grooming, we finally brought scruffy McGee for some scissor action! We were uncertain where exactly to start, as a few months back, we had discovered that Cotton would freak out whenever we were close to, or walking by, her regular grooming place – Catalysing our decision to change groomers.


With the grooming board!

It was also about that time Laureen, @maxthestandardpoodle’s mama set up her own grooming place to fuel her passion. After hearing positive reviews from our friend Beanie, we decided to give it a go!


Entering the nicely furnished place, it was simplistic and neat, yet chic and unique to leave an impression. A dog gate is installed right in front of the sliding doors to prevent any unwanted dog escapees from running out into the main road.


Spacious area for doggies to play

Friendly Max and Shih Tzu Bebe greeted us, although that greeting went unreciprocated by this PMSing Cottie 😛


Bebe the shih Tzu

I would have to say that both sister Tan and I were really impressed by Laureen. Upon explaining that I just wanted the hair at Cotton’s ears to be long, and body fur not too short, Laureen whipped out a Korean grooming magazine with a Maltese in a cut she wanted to do with Cotton – To give the impression of longer legs! In the past when I requested the same at the old groomer’s, the wrong idea was passed from groomer to groomer and Cotton ended up looking rather like a prissy school girl, not the cute fuzzy creature I prefer – Hence, the magazine was a nice touch!

She also spent a few minutes letting Cotton warm up to her before bringing her in to the grooming station.

With an eye for design, Laureen highlighted Cotton’s ears in pink and purple streaks, something I particularly liked. I didn’t want an ostentatiously bright dog in a mishmash of colours, and the highlights made her more outstanding but not garishly so. (Highlights are $15/colour)

This girl can be a squirmy little worm during grooming, swishing her head back and forth to avoid your grip. From behind the glass panel, I could see Cotton acting like so, yet Laureen remained patient and professional throughout – really kudos to her!


Gentle Laureen with Cottie

And.. The most embarrassing part of the day was that this girl pooped on Laureen’s grooming table!!! I felt so bad I was literally cringing 😛 And to make matters worse, she was having soft poop, and then stepped in it, after Laureen was almost done with her. She had to be bathed again and poor Laureen deal with the stench of poop in an enclosed area, I’m so sorry!! Despite that, Laureen was really nice about it, telling us that it was okay, while I on the other hand would have been “OMG COTTON!! Facepalm.jpg”.

After about 3 hours, Cotton went from the scraggly, furry monster to this neat looking pup. Little tidbit: I still remember the first time I brought Cotton for grooming, and when I went to pick her up, I didn't quite know which dog she was as there was also another maltese present, both extremely excited to see me lol. Talk about a bad owner.. 😉


"What do you mean I'm fat!?"


Next day at Orchard Road

To top the proverbial cake, when we were about to leave, sister Tan accidentally dislodged one of the supporting beams holding the backdrop up, almost crashing into the cash register! Thankfully, we left before any other mishaps could arise due to us 😀

Not only does Laureen do grooming, she also does dog boarding, day care, barkday pawties and has a line of dehydrated treats. If you are in need of a mobile groomer, Laureen does that too! Her mobile grooming rates are as follows:


Shop grooming rates

The in house dogs are also a great plus to the shop – Max is super manja with his super cool Afro and Bebe, albeit a little grumpy face, seems to enjoy getting chin rubs, making these cute little grunts that made me a little confused 😛


Max and the array of items for sale!

I would definitely recommend Laureen to anyone looking for a calm, professional groomer who has an affinity with dogs! Although she has not been in the industry for as long as others, yesterday she really showed that she has just as much skills up her sleeves 🙂

To conclude, we will definitely be back! For more info, visit Furbabies website here!

Thank you Laureen, Max and Bebe for having us!

Jamie and Cotton ❤

Visit Cotton's Instagram here!

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