If It’s Not For Me, I Want It

This dog here has no inclination towards anything dog. She doesn’t play with toys, she doesn’t like balls and she is extremely fussy with treats.

However, on our recent purchase with Amazon, we made it a point to include some extra dog toys as future gifts. Somehow, this girl decided that she suddenly likes toys not meant for her, and she started pulling out a Skinneeez Mini Dog Toy and the Kong SqueakAir Extra Small tennis balls.

Of course, the moment I cut the packaging off the toys, she decided that she doesn’t like toys anymore. Go figure.


Toys meant for other doggies


I wouldn’t be surprised at this point if someone told me Kong coated their tennis balls with sugar and candies, cause this girl started gnawing on the balls like there was no tomorrow. On a normal day, she wouldn’t even spare a glance for a tennis ball.
(I don’t have a picture of her gnawing on the ball cause I was that surprised, but here’s her stealing some treats off a paper towel)



Also, I’m terribly amazed at how small these “tennis” balls can go. It’s about 1/4 the size of an average tennis ball, roughly the size of a Ping pong ball!


Kinda reminds me of Paris Hilton’s 13k Mr Amazing and a normal Pom 😛

We also got this elf costume off Amazon!


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