“Dehydrated” Dog Treats – No Dehydrator Needed

Recently, more and more pet owners have been buying dehydrators to dehydrated their very own dog treats for their pampered pooches. I was so tempted to hop onto the proverbial bandwagon, however, I was deterred by the fact Cotton can be quite the picky pup and my investment could very well go to waste. Hence, I decided to try my luck with my very own handy dandy oven to see how “dehydrated” the meat can get.

To start off, check how low your oven can go. The lowest mine could go was 100degree celcius, which is higher than the recommended temperature for dehydrating, but meh 😉 I also changed the setting to only using the upper heating element with convection switched on to create some wind flow 🙂 The oven door was left opened with a tiny gap, hence the heat will not be concentrated in the oven itself!

1. “Dehydrated Liver”
I got about 400g of chicken liver, and didn’t really want to deal with icky fingers after, hence I dumped the entire packet into the food processor to purée.

Then, I poured the layer over my baking tray.

I let it “dehydrate” for about 5 hours before getting the quality I wanted! Halfway through I used a serrated knife to cut “slices”. (Pictures below)

2. “Dehydrated Beef”
I got these sliced beef meant for stir fry at the frozen section. Some of the slices had more fats than I would have liked, hence I just omitted them.

Then I laid them on a parchment paper lined tray.

IMG_1120.JPGThey baked for about 3 hours before getting the dehydrated jerky feel 🙂

3. Dehydrated Pork
Again, I didn’t want to deal with slicing the meat on my own, hence I bought the “shabu-shabu” shoulder pork meat from the grocer. They were all thinly sliced and took only about 1.5 hours for complete “dehydration”


So in all we made 3 different kinds of meat, all loved by Cotton! They aren’t as dry and as “uncooked” as real dehydrated meat in the dehydrator, but beggars can’t be choosers 😛 they were firm but extremely chewy (human here tried them). Plus, it was nice spending the money I wanted to spend on the dehydrator on interactive dog toys for Cotton and some baking stuff I wanted for myself 🙂

Of course, this method is probably less energy-effective than a real dehydrator, but I will deal 😛

So before you invest in a dehydrator, give your oven a try!


Jamie and Cotton

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