What’s a Typical Cotton Meal

Following the home-cooked food post, I realised I didn't really show much of what Cotton gets, so here goes! Cotton gets offals once every 2 days to constitute the 20% advised 🙂 She gets picky with offals after awhile hence she doesn't get it everyday! Keep them doggies anticipating! We just boil the chicken liver, … Continue reading What’s a Typical Cotton Meal

Home-Cooked Food – A Scientific Art

With Cotton on pure home-cooked food (from now I will refer as HCF), I am obligatorily bound (hehe) to ensure her diet is whole and nutritionally complete. I want her to live forever, plus failure to do so could potentially result in skeletal problems, such as osteomalacia in which the body takes calcium from the … Continue reading Home-Cooked Food – A Scientific Art

Doggy Outing: Unlikely places – Changi Airport

When we went to Changi Airport 2 months ago, a kind Certis Cisco guard saw mama Tan waiting with Cotton at the pick up area while I ran inside to drop off sis, and told her dogs could enter the airports, so as long as their legs didn't touch the ground. Awesome news! We have … Continue reading Doggy Outing: Unlikely places – Changi Airport

How to make Powdered Eggshell

Eggshell calcium is probably the best natural source of calcium, and it has been scientifically proven to be readily absorbed by the human/animal body! 😀 A medium eggshell, will yield roughly a teaspoon of eggshell powder, which contains roughly 750-800mg of elemental calcium and other elements such as magnesium, iron, manganese, etc. The composition of … Continue reading How to make Powdered Eggshell

Recipe #5: Slammin’ Sardine & Oats Cookies

The tuna and cheddar cookies were a hit with both Cotton and the few doggy friends we gave them to, so we looked into other recipes to try! Since tuna works, why not sardines, right? 😀 Sardines are full of omega-3 fatty acids and Coenzyme Q10, and these fatty acids have many health benefits, like … Continue reading Recipe #5: Slammin’ Sardine & Oats Cookies

iHERB Haul for Dogs

I've been delaying shopping for Cotton for quite awhile now due to personal commitments, though it's honestly not even that time consuming seeing as it's our 4th-5th time purchasing from iHerb. The total spent was USD43.94 for Cotton's items, and iHerb was giving a promotion of free shipping (normally shipping is 4 dollars). Cotton with … Continue reading iHERB Haul for Dogs


Singapore is 49 woohoo! Despite the many different controversial happenings polarising Singapore of late, we are really thankful to be here in SG! No SG = no HDR = no Cotton.. So I LOVE SG! 😀 (hehe just for laughs! Of course my love for SG goes deeper that that :P) We hope that as … Continue reading HAPPY BARKDAY SINGAPORE!

#DIY: No Sew Dog Pillow/Bed

I found this tutorial last year, while searching for good brands of dog beds for Cotton. It's an easy, eco-friendly and no sew tutorial for a comfortable dog bed for your beloved pooch. It can be made completely from recycled materials lying around your house, such as by using old clothes/fabrics as the inner stuffing, … Continue reading #DIY: No Sew Dog Pillow/Bed

Barkday Pawties

Yesterday Cotton got to attend her first barkday party! The lucky pups were Lucky the Maltese, celebrating his third birthday, and Paris the Japanese Spitz, celebrating her first birthday 🙂 The food was plentiful and while both parties were significantly different, they were equally fun. Lucky's party was slightly smaller with 5-6 guests and their … Continue reading Barkday Pawties