#MyWritingProcess Tour – Memories and Milestones

I’ve been waiting to publish this for so so so so so long, here goes!


I was invited by JX, from weliveinaflat.com to join The Writing Process Tour 😀

If you are an avid reader of all things dog-related or photography, chances are that you have chanced across her blog, centred around her 4-year old female Mongrel, named Donna. I sure did, even before we adopted Cotton (the first post I read was: Donna and the Poisonous Leaf).

JX chronicles her adventures and trainings with Donna, as Donna learns to adapt and thrive living in a flat.

She uses positive reinforcement to inculcate good behaviour in Donna, and best of all, with JX’s patience, Donna is doing much better with her thunder phobia (which many owners brush off as “another dog thing”)!

So according to the rules, I’m supposed to answer 3 relatively simple questions as follows:

1) What am I working on?
I’m currently a student, hence my first priority at this time would be completing the much dreaded A levels.

But Cotton-wise, I’m working on helping her become less defensive to other dogs and it will be a much more active process in her “rehabilitation” after my schooling schedule clears up.

Currently my schedule isn’t helping her at all, since socialisation should be an active process, but 4 months from now is the best I can do 😛

In terms of social media, I’m intending to regularly update this blog with short snippets or things that I’ve learnt or encounter (so sister Tan will still know what we are up to), whereas her Instagram account (@cottonthemaltese) will be on hiatus for the time being, until late November or early December. (I still do check her account sometimes though but no photo uploads!)


2) Why do I write what I do?
I am quite the sentimental but forgetful person, and photos are one of the best ways for me to go “oh yeah! This happened. How could I have forgotten? What an awesome day it was!”


I set up the blog initially with one objective in mind – which was to chronicle every adventure and step that Cotton conquers.

We don’t know her exact age, and many dogs develop seizures only as they get older, so for all we may know she could be what is considered a geriatric dog. I would like my memories with her to stay with me always and what better way than a blog with pictures and words? 🙂


Somehow, the blog posts transgressed from being purely centred around Cotton to subjects such as dog food, dog treats, DIY dog related tutorials, etc. I really like sharing what I know (for example home-cooked food and treats recipes, seizures in dogs, etc) and hear what like-minded people have to say so I know where to make the necessary adjustments. 🙂

Also, although not strongly emphasised by my posts yet, I would like to spread the notion “adopt, not shop” and Hope Dog Rescue‘s catch phrase of “second hand dogs make first class pets“.

I’m a proponent of adoption and I hope more people will be welcoming to the idea of adopting dogs, whether mongrels or adults or elder dogs in need of rehoming. I’m sure the experience of owning a dog would not be the same (or as easy) if not for Cotton, and despite having spent quite a fair bit on just vet bills in past 9 months, there are no regrets on this side 😀


3) How does my writing process work?
My writings are normally sparked by incidences that happen to us, such as outings (I.e our Tanjong Beach Trip), posts on Facebook or conversations with people.


For example, the home-cooked food post stemmed from someone (with good intent) sharing a (nutritionally deficient) recipe in Facebook.


When I get something in my head, it’s difficult to get myself to stop thinking about it, and I immediately jot it down to complete writing in my spare time.

We normally have 3-4 posts scheduled for the upcoming week (be it short or long posts) and I often have to stop myself from posting them all at once 😛

I find that writing what I have learnt and adapted aids me in my learning and remembering content. It’s rather therapeutic especially when I reflect on certain nuances and realise how I could change in the future to make it a positive or better experience. Hence writing down will not only benefit others out there in need of this info, but helps me a lot!

My writing style and info isn’t perfect — This is my first ever blog, so please forgive any mistakes or errors 🙂 I also hope that the tone I use isn’t too clinical or impersonal — I would really love with connect to more like-minded people out there, not just as a “reader-blogger” basis!


So now I’m supposed to hand of the proverbial baton to other bloggers!

Here is Lycan and Lexie, two border collies who are from Singapore, with their parents regularly bringing them out for outings and spoiling them (in the best way possible) with awesome treats and toys!

They are also doing raw feeding, so hop over if you would like some info on raw feeding! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed reading our writing process!

Jamie and Cotton ❤

Visit Cotton’s Instagram here!

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