#DIY Recipes: Cheesy Kong stuffing

When we first purchased the Kong Classic, we were so tempted to buy the Kong specific stuffing, but they were so expensive and seemed a little too indulgent. After looking online for Kong stuffing alternatives, we came across this DIY/recipe tutorial!


1. Stuff cheese (shredded/grated/slices) into the Kong


2. Microwave on high for 5-7 seconds, depending on your microwave


3. Let it cool (just a tiny bit) and serve to you pup!


TADAAA! Your very own super easy Kong stuffing to entertain your pup on boring days! Cotton was playing with it for about 20 mins before the cheese hardened again, hence we microwaved it for another 5 seconds and she partied with it for another 15 mins 🙂

Every pup loves cheese! Hope you dog loves this too 😀

Jamie and Cotton

Visit Cotton’s Instagram here!

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