Making Ground Flaxseed


Flaxseeds are considered one of the few “superfoods” and are high in omega-3, lignans, fibre and antioxidants. They have been studied and shown to help in preventing certain components of cancer such as colon, prostrate and breast cancer. They also provide great cardiovascular benefits and have been proven to help with digestion and metabolism. Although chia seeds are supposedly the better cousin of flaxseeds, chia seeds are hard to be ground up as they are already tiny to begin with, and may pass through the digestive system undigested which defeats its purpose.

Without getting into the scientific mumbo jumbo and technicalities, flaxseeds have a tough outer covering that doesn’t really get digested. Hence, they need to be ground into powder to break that outer covering, and release the nutrients more easily. However, store bought already milled seeds have less nutritional benefits than whole seeds, as the amount of nutrients, oils and antioxidants decrease exponentially with the amount of time they are left exposed to air. The problem can thus be easily circumvented with grinding on your own, which is much easier with a coffee grinder or a blender.

The first time I tried grinding the seeds by myself using the food processor, I panicked a little thinking they would never get ground as after 3 mins they were still strong and intact as ever. It took roughly 7 mins before the shells broke open and the musky nutty smell came wafting out of the food processor.


Like mentioned in the eggshell powder blogpost, we add this to her meatballs before baking them. These can also be used in baking 🙂 Do note however that these seeds contain relatively high amounts of phosphorous, so ensure that the calcium and phosphorous levels in your dog’s food is balanced to prevent calcium deficiencies.

Also, flaxseeds are very beneficial to humans too! If you’re baking cookies for yourself, why not add some to the mix 🙂 It doesn’t taste like much – and is highly nutritious!

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