Bishan Doge Run


Because I’m the paranoid parrot, I like to be prepared for any unexpected circumstances, living up to the phrase “expect the unexpected” 🙂

Before heading down to Bishan Dog Run, to be better prepared (first time owner here lah!), I read plenty of articles and blog posts such as:
1. Sam’s adventure to Bishan Dog Run
2. Reegan and Quinton’s outing to Bishan Dog Run
3. Some comments on Petschannel about an aggressive Saint Bernard and Do’s and Don’ts at the Dog Park based on what different owners feel
4. A redditor’s view of dog park etiquette with points I mostly agree with
And lastly my favourite of them all (because it’s hilarious how some people think so highly of themselves – case in point an angmo dude): The case of Yoda and Mocha at the dog park

When I finally mustered the courage (and time) to bring Cotton, all my fears were set aside as the dogs were all super friendly, and Cotton could well manage on her own.

We went on an off peak period so there weren’t many dogs around. Aside from the puppy or two who didn’t quite understand personal space yet, Cotton did relatively okay with the older dogs who understood what she was saying.


The dog run is separated into two parts – the big dog run and small dog run. From what I see, it seems quite acceptable to bring your small dog into the big dog run, but of course not the other way around. Scheduled dogs and their crosses must also be muzzled (as per AVA’s rules) and there’s a tap near the entrance of the dog run to fill up doggy bowls! 🙂

The first time we went, a beagle actually went through my bag to take out a toy I brought for Cotton 😛 Smart boy! I didn’t take any photos the first time as I still wasn’t sure how park dynamics worked. I didn’t want to be that owner who doesn’t pay attention and gets their dog into trouble 😀 (sometimes I feel that I contribute a lot to Cotton’s defensiveness because of the nervous/anxious energy I’m projecting — needa work on that!)

The second time however.. Was a totally different story 😀



It was also invigorating to see how dogs communicate to each other on a primal level, something that I don’t get to see often! Once, this toy poodle puppy came to mount Cotton and an entire pack of dogs came to discipline him haha 😀

Someone actually told me that Bishan Dog Run is infested with ticks, however on the few times we went, Cotton came back tick free and relatively clean apart from the sand on her paws! But then again, in the past 9 months I’ve only picked one tick off her (a baby sesame seed size one), so perhaps it could be the neem oil in her shampoo chasing them away 😛

Although Bishan Dog Run is fun, I still prefer going to the beach cause it’s more relaxing for us humans 😀

I really enjoy myself whenever we go to the dog run and hopefully one day Cotton will be like the other dogs -playing!

Bishan Park 2 along Ang Mo Kio Ave 1

Can’t wait to bring Cotton to other dog parks in Singapore!

Jamie and Cotton

Visit Cotton’s Instagram here!

9 thoughts on “Bishan Doge Run

  1. mangothesheltie says:

    Woah the Yoda and Mochi encounter. But I’ve encountered unfriendly dogs inside the dog run before and one even attacked Mango and took a small piece of his ear off. =( Some people just……… need to be more considerate. And we have also met inconsiderate people doing agility training inside (we were in there first) and telling us that we should leash our dogs cos our dogs were “distracting our dogs and my dog is aggressive to smaller dogs”. Totally…. speachless…?!

    • cottonthemaltese says:

      How’s Mango’s ear now? I think I would have gone mama bear on another dog owner if their dog tore off a piece of Cotton ear!! I think I saw on PetsChannel someone saying the same thing as you – some people set up equipment and were training their dogs and even pushing other dogs who came to see what was happening. So inconsiderate!! Plus quite mean to bring your dog to a place with so many dogs playing and making your dog do agility ._. And it’s a public place! Did you guys leash mango in the end? If it were me I would have stayed on purpose hahaha just to annoy them 😀

      • mangothesheltie says:

        Can’t see the chip anymore (pic on Insta)! And it was also his first night… Cos I picked him up after work then was thinking there shouldn’t be many dogs/try to tire him out (no idea what his energy level was like) before meeting my 3 cats at home. I was in shock. And worried I traumatised him for life T_T but thankfully he had other stuff to worry about hahahahaha.

        And we met that group more than once. Even though it’s in the middle of the night, they should not assume there wouldn’t be anyone there. AND!!! Why couldn’t they just use the smaller run?! Nobody will mind if they took up the smaller run and leave the big run to public use. We had 3 shelties and we didn’t leash them AHAHAHA. But went once with a Pom and we did leash her. And we stayed.

        There’s another lesser known dog run that is usually empty but suddenly has agility trainings too. Lucky we were about to leave when they arrived….. GAHHHH hate such people =(

      • cottonthemaltese says:

        Yeah they really should have used the smaller dog run instead since the smaller dogs can go to the big one but not the big dogs to smaller run. Plus they don’t have the right to ask anyone to leash their dog, unless of course the dog is aggressive and biting other dogs/fighting, in which the aggressive dog owner should leave. (I would be too embarrassed to stay) These kind of owners so self-entitled, annoying! I think there are places to book agility training venues with kennel club actually! Haha once we went to the dog run and the entire time (1hour+) this lady just kept brushing the dog’s fur 😛 I think shedding season and she didn’t want her house to be filled with dander haha

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