This dog is so so so sweet

Perhaps this has some significance in terms of dog behaviour but I’m just going to humanise it and continue thinking this way; cause it’s just too adorable to think otherwise! 😛

A few days ago as we were leaving the house, Cotton suddenly sat down (in the middle of no where) and her tail swept to the ground. As mama Tan turned to lock the house door, she back stepped and accidentally unloaded 15x of Cotton’s weight onto Cotton’s tiny tail. After a really heart wrenching cry, that ricocheted in the echoey stairway (+1 point for flowery language heh), mama Tan immediately moved and started apologising to the dogster. Cotton then turned around annnddddd… gave mama Tan a lick on the shin, akin to saying “you’re forgiven, mama, love you!”.

She then promptly continued to run down the stairs and happily jumped into the car (actually jumped outside the car and I had to carry her inside because this girl sucks at jumping)

Not only this, whenever I painfully comb through tangles which inevitably occur as her hair grows (especially the armpit area), she won’t growl, snarl, snap or bare her teeth, instead she will lick my hand, as though pleading with me “please stop :(” Okay, probably a lot of dogs do this but she’s still so sweet hehe 😀

A lot of people tell me I'm overly obsessed with my dog, but better than being the neglectful owner right? 😀

(But if this has some significance in dog behaviour, do tell me too, I'm very interested in learning every inch and nuance pertaining to Cotton *obsessed*!)

The crazy dog lady,
Jamie 😀

Visit Cotton’s Instagram here!

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