What’s a Typical Cotton Meal

Following the home-cooked food post, I realised I didn’t really show much of what Cotton gets, so here goes!

Cotton gets offals once every 2 days to constitute the 20% advised πŸ™‚ She gets picky with offals after awhile hence she doesn’t get it everyday! Keep them doggies anticipating!

We just boil the chicken liver, kidney and gizzards in plain water, then drain and blend in the food processor, and package into little individual packages when it cools down.

The chicken meat was from dinner the night before that was cooked separately for her.

We alternate the meat used every 3-4 batches of food, so for now she’s having pork, the next will be fish (salmon, tuna and tilapia) and then to lean beef and then back to pork again.

Her meals are based on 4% of her body weight* as she’s at an ideal weight currently and shouldn’t increase or decrease any more. Depending on the activity she does, I will increase or decrease the amount she eats per day πŸ˜€ Bear in mind that her food doesn’t contain heavy carbohydrates so the portion might seem rather big, but she’s doing good with it πŸ™‚

*The recommended amount you should feed your dog per day is normally 3-5% of their total body weight. So for a bigger dog, you should take ~3% and ~4-5% for smaller dogs! Cotton’s weight is 4.8kg, so she gets about 200g of food a day (100g per meal)

The portion in the picture is roughly 115g of food.

Sometimes she finishes all the food at one go, but most of the time she leaves 1/4 for her idea of tea time (in which I will take away and add to dinner) πŸ˜›

I also need to mash the food up before serving her majesty because she picks out stuff she doesn’t like and doesn’t like to chew!


Refer to our recent post on home-cooked food for more info on home cooked diets.

We have a few friends asking how to make bonemeal, so we should have a tutorial soon in a few weeks time, when we accumulate enough bones πŸ˜€

Until then,
Jamie and Cotton


5 thoughts on “What’s a Typical Cotton Meal

  1. myblogmyfeelings says:

    We used to make our dog’s food until my mother got sick. After that I didn’t have the time or the energy. We’ve been thinking of starting to make it again, but not until it cools off enough to be able to cook without cooking ourselves.

    • cottonthemaltese says:

      Hope your mum gets better soon πŸ™‚ sometimes I do feel getting commercial food is much easier – but it’s like eating the best brand of instant food, although it’s edible, palatable and does have some nutritional benefits, in the long run it isn’t good for you or your body πŸ™‚ what I do to save time and energy is to make a large batch and then deep freeze it! No additives to preserve needed, it stays good for 2-3 weeks πŸ˜€

    • cottonthemaltese says:

      Yupp we do! Around 20 seconds in the microwave after thawing overnight. Cause she can be quite fussy, so after heating there’s more smell and less rejection haha! The chicken was just something from our dinner the day before that we cooked separately for her (so this changes day to day depending on what we are eating) the porkballs are also pre-prepared πŸ™‚ we normally make about 10days worth of food at once and deep freeze πŸ™‚

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