Doggy Outing: Unlikely places – Changi Airport


When we went to Changi Airport 2 months ago, a kind Certis Cisco guard saw mama Tan waiting with Cotton at the pick up area while I ran inside to drop off sis, and told her dogs could enter the airports, so as long as their legs didn’t touch the ground. Awesome news!

We have since entered the airport thrice with Cotton and no one has stopped us – so I think it’s fine so long as your dog isn’t a nuisance and doesn’t create a mess!

2 days back, sister Tan left for Norway again, and thus Cotton entered the airport with us to say goodbye 😦


I think the atmosphere in the airport is a little too tensed — hence Cotton always shivers and shakes while in it. She also sat on a travelator for the first time 😛


So next time, being poochie with you to say byebye to anyone leaving SG! 🙂

Jamie and Cotton


4 thoughts on “Doggy Outing: Unlikely places – Changi Airport

  1. scifihammy says:

    Wow, that is really interesting. And yes, I don’t blame poor Cotton for getting the chills – airports are stressful places – except when you are picking someone up 🙂 Lovely photos 🙂

    • cottonthemaltese says:

      Thanks! 🙂 yeap somehow they are intuitive enough to know the difference! She whines when we are nearing the airport when sending someone off, but gets very excited when we are fetching someone back 😀

    • cottonthemaltese says:

      Haha hmm I wouldn’t say it’s dog friendly (especially to the larger dogs) but the service staff having the misconception that Cotton is about to board a plane 🙂 on their website it says only service dogs are allowed! Nice to know you’ve visited Changi before! Transit? 🙂

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