#DIY: No Sew Dog Pillow/Bed

I found this tutorial last year, while searching for good brands of dog beds for Cotton. It’s an easy, eco-friendly and no sew tutorial for a comfortable dog bed for your beloved pooch.

It can be made completely from recycled materials lying around your house, such as by using old clothes/fabrics as the inner stuffing, and a large shirt/towel as the outer covering — It’s all up to you! Customize it based on the fabrics your dog likes and the size of your dog. I’m simply using an old pillow as the stuffing and a cheap blanket as the covering for this quick and easy demonstration πŸ™‚

Materials you will need:


1) Two pieces of old blanket/cloth (mine was a fleece blanket on discount from ikea at $3.90. After cutting up, it was ~60cmx65cm)
2) Stuffing – old clothes or an old pillow
3) A pair of scissors
4) optional: Ruler or measuring tape


1) Lay your cloth against a pillow, leaving roughly 4-5inches of fringe.


If you’re using old clothes, cut to the size you want, adding 4-5 inches of fringe)

2) 4x4inches squares from each corner of the cloth


3) Cut one inch strips through the fringe space


4) Join the top and bottom strips together, tying a simple double knot as you go



For stuffing of clothes, tie 3 sides together, stuff clothes in, and tie the last side up.

And that’s really all there is to it!

It’s super simple, it’s comfortable for your dog and best of all, inexpensive!

Here’s Cotton loving the new bed already πŸ˜€

Hope you will try it too! Your pup will thank you ^^!

Jamie, Jasmine and Cotton ❀

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