Barkday Pawties


Yesterday Cotton got to attend her first barkday party! The lucky pups were Lucky the Maltese, celebrating his third birthday, and Paris the Japanese Spitz, celebrating her first birthday 🙂



The food was plentiful and while both parties were significantly different, they were equally fun. Lucky’s party was slightly smaller with 5-6 guests and their family, making it a warmer get together, while Paris’s was more party like 🙂 managed to meet many IG friends such as @weliveinaflat (Donna’s mum, JX), @somewhitecookie (Elin), @kanon_boy (Sheena), @jestasheltie (Marbel) and @corgianddachshund 🙂

Lucky’s party was held at Doggiestyle Cafe at 496 Changi Road. There are two chunky in-house Boston terriers and they are super chill about everything!
Here’s Tofu:

And I didn’t manage to get a proper photo of Pickles because he kept licking himself 😛

Paris’s party was at Paw-Petradise Cafe, at 530 Balestier Road Monville Mansion #01-07. It could accommodate a larger number of guests and there were more than 15 dogs present 🙂

Although I wouldn’t stretch it by saying Cotton enjoyed herself (not because the parties was bad or anything but because Cotton just isn’t that comfortable with other dogs), I would say she’s starting to improve in terms of dog behaviour and yesterday was a good opportunity for her to meet new dogs in a chill environment. In the past, Cotton would growl, snap then push if the other dog didn’t get the hint to leave her alone. Now Cotton just growls and walks away, that is unless the other dogs continues to irritate her. She only snapped thrice the entire day, once at a puppy who kept wanting to play with her, and twice at a golden retriever who almost trampled her because he was big (he didn’t even react to her snapping cause he couldn’t feel it lol) 😛 I guess it also helped that I stopped mollycoddling her and averted her attention to me when she was about to snap.

Cotton pretty much only ate cake the entire day, and hence there will be soft stools today which I’m so not looking forward to cleaning up :X



Cotton and another Lucky (yorkie):


Guests and awesome birthday cakes:



Cotton was so tired she was falling asleep sitting on the cab ride home 🙂


Overall it was a really fun day and we humans ate so much food heh.

Still undecided whether we should host a party for Cotton’s birthday too 😀

Jamie and Cotton ❤

P.s. Overheard someone saying Cotton is aggressive :/ I don't think she is – just highly defensive because she's uncertain and under a lot of stress with other dogs present. I wouldn't bring her out if she were aggressive and could potentially harm another dog 😦


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