Recipe #4: Tuna and Cheddar Cookies


Since there are two pup birthday parties this weekend, I decided that other than toys and some other chews, I would bake some cookies for them! I love baking for Cotton but always find myself baking too large a batch that goes to waste (and 50% of the time she rejects what I bake T^T and by “reject” I mean spitting out :((!! )

While I was making this, Cotton kept tailing me and even tried to lick the dough πŸ˜› guess she couldn’t resist the smell of tuna and cheese πŸ˜€

Ingredients you will need:
1. 4 180g cans of tuna in water light
2. 3 cups of flour (I used oat flour)
3. 2 eggs
4. additional: flaxseed and egg shells blend
5. 2 cups of ground cheddar cheese

1. Drain 2 cans of tuna and keep the other 2 cans with the liquid
2. Empty the 4 cans into a mixing bowl and mince with a blender or food processor
3. Add the cheese and 1/2 cup flour at each time
4. Mix until the mixture comes together in a ball that is still moist, but does not stick to your fingers
5. If you want the cookies to be chewy, allow the dough to rest for 60mins in the fridge before proceeding with step 6, else omit it
6. Roll the dough out to your desired thickness (remember to dust the work surface with flour)


7. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees
8. Bake at 200 degrees celcius for 15 mins until the cookies are done
(If you’re baking in a toaster oven, it’s done in about 7mins on the highest setting)


Cotton approves these cookies – she ate an entire moose shaped one thats probably 10cm across!

Hope you will find these cookies as delicious as Cotton did πŸ˜€ (I tried the cookies too and they taste really good – for dogs that is!)


Jamie and Cotton ❀


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