Dee-Ohh-Gee Doggy Cafe

Dee-Ohh-Gee Cafe is a 3 mins walk away from Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, where I have my math tuition 😀 NEJ and I have been studying there for quite awhile now before our weekly class starts, but I never had the opportunity to bring Cotton there until today!

Cotton got recognised by 2 people *celebrity moment* and I was momentarily caught off guard hehe.

Cotton and Bosco (Instagram: @shihtzu_bosco)

I honestly love how spacious the cafe is, as compared to other cafes like Sun Ray Cafe, as the less socialised dogs have more space to themselves and won’t feel as stressed out. The patrons were all quite okay (or at least didn’t seem annoyed) when Cotton growled at their dogs, which I appreciate 🙂 at Sun Ray, Cotton can’t really “defend” herself and ask for space without the other owners freaking out D;


Cotton also got whipped into place by another older female poodle/bichon and it was quite entertaining to see her scramble away after realising she can’t bully that other dog. I tried my best not to intervene when Cotton growled (not sure whether I should actually) and let the 2 dogs handle the situation by themselves.

Also, sister tan commented that Cotton didn’t growl as much as when I wasn’t there — not sure whether she’s behaving like that because she feels protective of me or something hehe 😛

We didn’t try the main courses available, but the appetisers (fries, cheese fries and cheesy bites) were rather good, and the iced coffee came in a large glass enough for two people 🙂 We got the pork burger for Cotton which consisted to 2 pork patties, 1/2 an egg white, a lettuce leaf and some dog biscuits. It took quite a bit of coaxing from us and a few hours to finally get Cotton to eat D:


There were also many different kinds of dogs there, such as this Samoyed called Duke and a Singapore Special, Kiki.



Overall I really love the atmosphere of Dee-Ohh-Gee Cafe. The boss, Jessica, is really friendly and the two in-house dogs (Tara and Tasha) are really adorbz 🙂

Service: 9/10
Atmosphere: 9/10
Cleanliness: 8/10 (a few bugs :X)
Overall rating: 9/10

Jamie and Cotton ❤


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