#TIL: Cotton’s fear/phobia

It’s MONDAY!! Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslims ^^ I discovered this TIL yesterday (so technically it’s YIL now) but was trying to get some work done to justify going to IKEA so I didn’t write this post finish 😀

Cotton, apart from the lack of socialisation and occasional excessive barking, can be said to be the perfect dog. She’s a total lapdog, submissive and super manja. She doesn’t have thunder phobia which is one thing I’m truly thankful for since it rains quite often in Singapore, and I guess it would be really saddening to see your dog undergo such mental anguish for something totally unthreatening. A little back story before I delve into how I realised Cotton had a phobia: Cotton likes to dig through our soiled clothes and recently I have been observing whenever she digs through the pile and a hanger comes out, she will dodge and shun away before inching forward again to the fulfil her disgusting fetish and satisfaction in smelling our clothes.

So yesterday while I was cleaning the room before leaving the house for IKEA, I found a hanger laying around. I mean it’s just a hanger, an inanimate object, so while bringing it to the laundry basket, I was swinging it around when I saw Cotton acting weirdly. Then the thought that she was scared of hangers suddenly came into mind (a volunteer once told me that a lot of the rescued dogs have phobias of canes, poles, etc) and I did the motion of hitting her with a hanger and she literally flinched and yelped a little. Sigh, poor girl.

But I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised, right? If you’re heartless enough to abandon a living creature in her time of need, you’re probably more than capable of using negative punishment on a small defenceless dog 1/10 your weight.

On a side note, I think Cottie’s tear stains are coming back T^T time to add ACV into her water again 😛



Always the happy little girl 😀


Sleeping Angel


2 thoughts on “#TIL: Cotton’s fear/phobia

  1. weliveinaflat says:

    Sometimes can only guess at what they been through since don’t know… for Donna, she don’t like cardboard boxes… and anything that doesn’t look stable and that can fall on her. So she’s always very careful around the house. Pretty much, little house training needed, but pretty sad also if you look at it another way.

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