IKEA Haul – Doggy Lover Paradise <3

IKEA is well known for so many things, but perhaps not so for dog related stuff. But as long as it’s safe for children, should be safe for animals right (I don’t care if it’s a no!!!)

We headed to IKEA for dinner and decided to do some shopping (or perhaps the other way round :P) Am super happy and hyped about what I bought, so here goes!

1. Small tent


IKEA small circus tent

Had my eye on this for quite awhile ever since I read that having a “den” can give the dog a greater sense of security and promote independence. (We can’t get a crate for Cotton due to her seizures)
Price: S$24.90

2. Doggy plate
Cotton has been using our human plates for quite awhile (sorry any guest who ate from the same plate) because we couldn’t find microwaveable doggy bowls.
It’s so pretty right!! Comes in a set of 6 different colours and at a steal of S$3.90!


3. Cookie cutters
Not really a doggy product, but I finally have some good cookie cutters for Cotton’s cookies!


4. Dog toys
Cotton isn’t that much of a chewer so these children toys are just nice for her 🙂 there are also some toys with squeakers but Cotton doesn’t understand or like the sharp squeaky sound so I didn’t get that 😛


That’s about it for Cotton’s stuff – bought a lot of other much needed home reno stuff like anti-slip mats (mama tan fell once from the bathtub and it scared the crap out of me), some anti slip carpety thingy cause we have carpets and floor mats everywhere, some baking stuff and some stuff that sister tan needs for RCN 🙂


Jamie and Cotton


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