#TIL: Security Blanket

#TIL: Today I Learnt – inspired by Reddit

I used to scoff at owners who lament at how different/sad/depressed their dogs became after being shaved down – cause dogs don’t know the concept of beauty right? Surprisingly though Cotton has been feeling a little down ever since coming back from grooming (she had to be shaved quite a bit as her hair was curled, thus mere trimming would make her look untidy), and despite my sister constantly playing/engaging Cotton in play, Cotton would only show 50% of her usual enthusiasm.

But the moment I placed a small tank top of ours on her (as I couldn’t find her own shirt), she became super rambunctious again, hopping about, running about, getting excited by treats (when just seconds ago she just laid on the floor uninterested in the same treats)



I guess the sense of security diminished without any coat covering her back and hence the moodiness. Lesson learnt – better now than never, right? πŸ˜€

Jamie, Jasmine and Cotton


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