Grooming at Our Pet Shop @ Serangoon

Having read so many scary comments and stories about dogs being nipped by scissors, ears accidentally cut off, tongues snipped off, or too deep cutting into their nail quick resulting in bleeding, I often research thoroughly before bringing Cotton to a groomer/new groomer, or just any new experiences I want to expose her to.

I wanted to bring Cotton for grooming to a place nearer to us, but they didn’t answer my phone call on the two separate days I called in, and they have 2-3 large dogs inside that would make Cotton go crazy, thus after looking further I chanced across Our Pet Shop @ Serangoon. This pet shop/grooming place is managed by Bernard and Wilson, both professionals in this field. Bernard is an avid participant of SKC show competitions and even the judge the Maltese Breed once. They are both super friendly and approachable and constantly giving advice for Cotton’s benefit.

Even though the prices are relatively steep as compared to other grooming places as they groom a lot of show dogs (going to as high as $95 for Small sized dogs during peak periods like CNY), I feel ultra comfortable leaving Cotton there for 2-3 hours at a time and knowing I’m just 10 mins away in the case any thing unexpectedly wrong occurs. So far, it has been good discounting once whereby they forgot to tell us Cotton had ear infection and put some powder in her ear, resulting in me going a tad mama bear on them :X wasn’t entirely their fault though cause it was CNY period and they were super busy and I too didn’t ask about how her grooming went before picking her up.

So as mentioned in my earlier post, we brought Cotton for grooming after her beach outing. Here are some photos of her, freshly groomed!



Here are some photos of her from other grooming sess




I know it’s rather hard to find a trusty and reliable groomer, so if you stay around Serangoon, you might want to give Our Pet Shop a try 😀

[This isn’t a sponsored advertisement, just my own opinion]

Jamie and Cotton

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