Day Out at Tanjong Beach!

Been wanting to bring Cotton to the beach for ages, but each time our plans to go Changi Beach before/after fetching my sis to/from the airport fail because of either inadequate time or bad weather. But today, we finally got the opportunity to go! Initially Pat wanted to bring the dogs to a birthday party for one of the malteses in Maltese Club@SG at Bishan park but I didn’t want to start off the wrong foot with any of the members in the case Cotton went bazookas. So off to Tanjong Beach we went and it was super duper fun! I felt a little bad for Pat cause she didn’t bring any swimwear and Lucky wasn’t too keen on swimming/was really scared the entire time we were there :/

We took a cab from my place to Tanjong Beach and it cost $24, inclusive of the $6 surcharge to enter Sentosa. Perhaps when I get my Driver’s license I will apply for the Sentosa Islander’s card which is $25/annum. It took a while to hail a cab cause of the peak hour period, but it paid off cause the cabby was new and he was quite hilariously funny with his questions πŸ™‚ at first I was a little scared at having both Cotton and Lucky in the same car together cause Cotton can be rather mean (especially to younger dogs), but Lucky sat in the front and Cotton directly at the back so it was a relatively peaceful ride! πŸ˜€


The waves were tad strong so we walked around testing the *waters* until we finally found a spot that wasn’t too strong, at the far right end of the beach. (Children playing there should have been a blinking neon sign for us to head there *face palm*)


In all honesty I feel Cotton didn’t really enjoy swimming as much as we enjoyed seeing her swim. It seems like the only reason she came into the waters was because she was afraid we were gonna die and drown and that it was her job to save us πŸ˜› she kept coming towards me, nudging me, then swimming back to shore. And when I didn’t follow, she would swim back to me and climb into my arms (have I mentioned that I love my dog?) :>

We also got to test out her life jacket and 15m leash for the first time. I think the life jacket really helped with her confidence in swimming and she probably wouldn’t have entered the water without it. Towards the last hour we took off her life jacket to loan Lucky who was very afraid of the water, and she swam fine on her own, albeit growing tired more easily. The 15m leash however was rather redundant as we got it months back when we didn’t know how she would react to being off leash, but now 8 months into our relationship, I feel the mutual trust is strong enough and she won’t suddenly take off running without us (which she proved us right) πŸ™‚ will still use the 15m leash for outdoor training with distractions in the city, doubt I’ll ever dare to walk her without a leash and risk her life or losing her ._.



There were a lot of expats (or foreigners) with their dogs, and I was ultra proud of Cotton for only going crazy once at another dog who came close to our picnic/beach mat. There were two rather hyper dogs who were tugging at the leash trying to get near Cotton, but she ignored them beautifully πŸ™‚ Also while we were in the waters, a fluffy toy poodle came close and Cotton started going after him, but came back immediately when I called out to her! Disaster averted phew! She also didn’t wander away without us, following closely, unlike Lucky whom Pat said would take off if she released him :/ Guess I should be more thankful for these little tidbits instead of focusing on the fact Cotton isn’t that socialised πŸ˜€ could always be worse, right? What’s more she’s just more comfortable in her little world with us humans, not aggressive or edging towards aggressiveness any time soon in my opinion (although we still have to actively work on socialising her)

The beach goers were also ultra friendly, many commenting about Cotton’s life jacket 8) One even asked to borrow a ball, cause her dog lost interest in his own tennis ball hehe

I heard a lot of comments of how dog’s skin become irritated by the salt water, but very surprisingly Cotton’s fur became softer than usual and she didn’t seem itchy anywhere at all. Anyhow, I arranged Cotton’s grooming a day after such that she can go under professional thorough wash, and even bought some Pet Grooming CO2 Tab that can make “white even whiter” πŸ˜›

Just writing about how our day went makes me want to return now.. The sand, the waters and just the overall calmness – away from the hectic stressful city life








Jamie, jasmine and Cotton


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