Recipe #2: Meatballs!!

I made this recipe awhile back, but added too much omega-3 fishoil and it smelt so bad (at least for the humans) so I kept it frozen for Cotton to use as last resort, thinking she wouldn’t want to eat such horrid smelling food. But to my utter surprise, she actually gobbled up the food when she rejected her (ex) favourite scrambled eggs! So I decided to remake them, hoping it will be another successful recipe that fussy girl likes! The recipes I post here will be recipes that pass the picky cotton taste test, so other fussy dog owners can try it out :3

On a side note: will probably start her on raw diet after A levels when I have more time to research and more time to travel further to get all necessary organs/bones/meat — currently the NTUC I go to serve a lot of expats, so such “gross” food isn’t seen often. Heard a lot of positive reviews about raw feeding and how dogs stop being fussy about food, nicer coat, etc 🙂

Disclaimer: I’m not a dog dietician, so if your dog has existing health problems, do consult your vet. This recipe is adapted from trial and error and research on good human grade ingredients that can benefit dogs too.

So without further ado…

Ingredients you will need:
1) 1.25kg of lean minced meat of your choice (I used pork)
2) Half a packet of baby spinach – no exact measurements cause it entirely depends on how much you feel your dog needs
3) 2 small packets/1 large packet of parsley — helps with doggy breath
4) 400g of sweet potato
5) 3 medium eggs or 2 large eggs
6) 1 cup of ground flax seeds
7) 5 ground egg shells (washed and baked for 5 mins)
8) 1/2 cup bonemeal – add more egg shells/calcium powder if you don’t have this (I made bonemeal through placing ~1kg of bones into a pressure cooker and letting it run for 24hours)
9) EV Coconut oil

1) steam/microwave the sweet potato, minced the vegetables and grind the flaxseeds and egg shells. Then place all the ingredients in a large mixing bowl


2) add in the meat, bone meal and EV coconut oil and mix well




3) roll them into balls of your desired size – I rolled cotton’s to roughly the size of a tennis ball

4) at this point, I decided to boil half and bake half, so cotton will get 1 boiled ball and 1 baked ball at each meal (she will also have some homemade liver “kibbles” to accompany each meal)



5) boil until the balls float or until of starts boiling vigorously/ bake at 200 degree Celsius for 25mins


6) let the meatballs cool down and packet them however you want



It’s a relatively easy and forgiving recipe, I would rate it 9/10 cause it pleasing to the eye and apparently tastes good! For those wondering why I don’t cook the ingredients individually, it’s because Cotton will only eat the meat, pick out the vegetables and place them on the floor D:

Hope you will try this recipe for your furkid ^^

Jamie and Cotton


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