Life jacket for dogs (WHAAA…?)

Sister Tan and I were swimming awhile back, when Cottie the smart Alec decided that jumping in the pool to “save us” would be a great thing that a loyal dog should do. But I guess she didn’t factor in that it would be cold, so she panicked and drank/inhaled a lot of chlorinated water, which was why we decided to get a life jacket for her, in case it ever happens again or when we bring her to the beach!

Like everything, I can literally hear someone going “huh can’t all dogs swim? You just bought it as a fashion accessory, please!” While that’s true for most dogs and water dog breeds, it isn’t true for all. Recently with the new age parenting and all that jazz, baby swimming became a thing because all babies apparently have the natural instinct to know how to swim. But not all adults know how to swim, right? So I’m quite sure it’s the same for a sorely unsocialised dog that’s 28 years in humans years! And for USD9 to help with her confidence and our reassurance, what’s the big deal yo ^^

But in all honesty she looks fab as hell in her life jacket 8)




Jamie and Cotton


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