Another Sun Ray Cafe Outing

*NEWS FLASH*! SISTER TANNN IS BACKKK!! (After travelling around the globe AKA tioman island and Bali)


The house was sorely lacking groceries so we decided to head over to Sun Ray Cafe for lunch and socialise Cotton (fat hope)! Honestly not sure what I’m doing wrong with Cotton cause it seems like the socialising thing isn’t working too well. I think my tensed energy is always passed to her such that she feels the need to “defend/protect” herself, even though I always try my best to be *zen* when there are other dogs around.

The only good part in this situation is that she doesn’t seem to be aggressive – she doesn’t bite other dogs but only growls/snaps/pushes them away (which is rather bad already but THE GLASS IS HALF FULL NOT HALF EMPTY :P)

The food was really good – sister Tan ordered some linguine thingy and I ordered some smoked salmon sandwiches with scrambled eggs and truffle fries! I love salmon so I rate it 100 dead fishes/10!!!


We initially wanted the indoor sitting but cotton was too overwhelmed and kept snapping and growling like a mad banshee at other dogs so we decided to sit outside instead – to prevent Cotton from going over her threshold and to allow us and other patrons some peace (Tell me I’m awesome). It wasn’t that bad as the weather was considerably nice and Cotton could watch the other dogs play inside while not feeling threatened herself. We ordered Lamb ($6/80g) for her as she seemed to enjoy it the other time, however this time she flat out refused to even eat it 😦


I wouldn’t order the lamb set for her again though as when the food cooled down, the fats solidified and it seemed in the ratio of 1:1 fats to lamb which is VERY disturbing. Especially if your dog suffers from pancreatic problems! The salmon which we got the other time seemed tad dry, so maybe the minced pork or chicken (if your dog isn’t allergic to it) would be a good choice!

Sun Ray Cafe (and apparently T.A.Z cafe too) isn’t that good a dog cafe to go if you trying to socialise them like I am with Cottie, as there isn’t much space for dogs to run about – hence if you have a dog so stressed out already like mine, you are essentially pushing them over their threshold so don’t be surprised if they start attacking another dog! But if you have a friendly dog, it would be a good choice cause the food is seriously good! It’s slightly expensive for a student’s pocket, but it’s worth it!

Speaking of which, 2 couples brought their puppies (a yorkie and a shih tzu) and they were so ADORABLE! But when they were leaving they decided to say hi to Cotton, Cotton went ballistic on them and her “omg!” was seriously comical :’> I wanted to say something like “I’m sorry she’s adopted and we are trying to socialise her” but I didn’t want her to go back thinking “thank god I got my puppy from the puppy mill else I would have to deal with such spoilt dogs” – which isn’t the case at all – cotton isn’t the best spokesperson for adopted dogs but she isn’t representative of all!! She seemed like a really nice (and giggly) person though so I hope she follows the latter part of “adopt, don’t abandon” 🙂

Annddddd rather off topic but I honestly love talking to my sis about issues and hearing her personal opinions/telling me the flaws in my arguments. It’s very refreshing not having to fear offending the other party with your personal views cause lets face it, some do get super offended when you have a differing view from theirs (case in point: neutral parties VS anti-PAP people)

We talked about the recent Dog Eating Festival in China and my stand (after listening to sister tan’s view) is that: Though I’m quite disgusted that they do eat dogs, I can’t say I despise/begrudge them for doing so. Their view of dogs is different from ours, we feel Cotton is a part of our family, while they view dogs as livestock, just like how we view chickens and cows. However, it’s despicable that they actually steal these dogs for the festival as there aren’t any dog farms in China and according to a news source, many dogs “die with their collars attached” which is heart wrenching to say the least 😦
And although we have to consider from their POV that these dogs are their sources of income, I feel that it’s extremely horrible and heartless to torture the dogs in front of activists to force them to buy them. It’s akin to using someone’s kindness against them – which is kinda an asshole thing to do.

Hopefully one day all cultures can learn to love dogs like we do! I heard from my sister’s friend who is currently staying with us that her uncle’s dog is really ill treated and even the children throw objects at them because they aren’t taught not to 😦

Since you probably came here for this, here’s some seriously cute photos if our seriously cute dog!








Jamie and Cotton


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