Picky Dog is Picky

In the past when Cotton was using a smaller stainless steel bowl, she would pick out the carrots, broccoli, potato, sweet potato - basically anything healthy - and spit it out on the placemat 😛 As we got to know more about her likes and dislikes, we started mincing her vegetables up so she couldn't … Continue reading Picky Dog is Picky

#TIL: Cotton’s fear/phobia

It's MONDAY!! Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslims ^^ I discovered this TIL yesterday (so technically it's YIL now) but was trying to get some work done to justify going to IKEA so I didn't write this post finish 😀 --- Cotton, apart from the lack of socialisation and occasional excessive barking, can be said … Continue reading #TIL: Cotton’s fear/phobia

IKEA Haul – Doggy Lover Paradise <3

IKEA is well known for so many things, but perhaps not so for dog related stuff. But as long as it's safe for children, should be safe for animals right (I don't care if it's a no!!!) We headed to IKEA for dinner and decided to do some shopping (or perhaps the other way round … Continue reading IKEA Haul – Doggy Lover Paradise ❤

What are Seizures in Dogs?

So just recently, poor Cotton had another seizure, the first in roughly 8 months. Since it was the first time she got an epileptic fit under us, we were caught of guard and panicked a little. I was quite disappointed that I wasn’t present when it happened (was in school until 3.30, her seizure occurred … Continue reading What are Seizures in Dogs?

Acceptance of Dogs in SG

With the recent discussion on whether dogs should be allowed on public transport, I was reminded of an article I wrote for HOPE awhile back, that hasn't been published (I'm not sure whether it will ever be published, but if it does I will just delete this post). Basically I was tasked to write an … Continue reading Acceptance of Dogs in SG

Drama Mama

So recently there was some drama hooha regarding a fosterer and HDR, aka Cotton's "alma mater", and after retelling the story to my mum, I was strongly urged by her (and of course I wanted to) to defend HDR's mission. If you wish to know what exactly conjured between the two groups, I suggest you … Continue reading Drama Mama

#TIL: Security Blanket

#TIL: Today I Learnt - inspired by Reddit I used to scoff at owners who lament at how different/sad/depressed their dogs became after being shaved down - cause dogs don't know the concept of beauty right? Surprisingly though Cotton has been feeling a little down ever since coming back from grooming (she had to be … Continue reading #TIL: Security Blanket

Grooming at Our Pet Shop @ Serangoon

Having read so many scary comments and stories about dogs being nipped by scissors, ears accidentally cut off, tongues snipped off, or too deep cutting into their nail quick resulting in bleeding, I often research thoroughly before bringing Cotton to a groomer/new groomer, or just any new experiences I want to expose her to. I … Continue reading Grooming at Our Pet Shop @ Serangoon

Day Out at Tanjong Beach!

Been wanting to bring Cotton to the beach for ages, but each time our plans to go Changi Beach before/after fetching my sis to/from the airport fail because of either inadequate time or bad weather. But today, we finally got the opportunity to go! Initially Pat wanted to bring the dogs to a birthday party … Continue reading Day Out at Tanjong Beach!

Recipe #2: Meatballs!!

I made this recipe awhile back, but added too much omega-3 fishoil and it smelt so bad (at least for the humans) so I kept it frozen for Cotton to use as last resort, thinking she wouldn't want to eat such horrid smelling food. But to my utter surprise, she actually gobbled up the food … Continue reading Recipe #2: Meatballs!!