Dogs on Instagram SG

Recently, Mango the Sheltie’s owner, Janicia created a facebook group for all dog owners and their dogs with a personal instagram account. It will be a group where we can ask for advice, share stories and arrange for gatherings.

It really got me thinking how awesome it is that a mere social media account that I created 7 months back could allow me to meet so many fellow dog lovers that I never would have met if not for instagram. Adding on to the fact that Cotton is so dog wary, we probably would have started off the wrong foot if we met in real life.

What truly amazes me is that dog bloggers I followed even before getting Cotton, which I regard with high esteem and once felt so intimidated by, are now my friends (or at least acquaintances), whom I can actually talk to for advice or help. It sounds stupid and cliche, but it makes them seem more realistic and more relatable than before.

When we first got Cotton, my mum made a passing statement which was along the lines of “so now you will make a lot of new friends lah that also have dogs” to which I replied, “huh really meh, how am I even supposed to meet them?” At that time I honestly had no idea how I would meet any fellow dog lovers and was despairing about how I would socialise Cotton if I didn’t have the help of another dog.  I couldn’t ask any of my friends with dogs, as they aren’t that socialised too and we can’t drive yet so it’s pretty hard to arrange anything. But now, I’m pretty sure if I asked some of my IG friends, they will say yes 😛 And Donna’s mum Jingxuan, from (one of the esteemed bloggers I mentioned earlier) actually volunteered to help me with Cotton and even suggested a nice secluded park where we could do it.

It’s really nice that now Cotton can have some long term “playmates” that she can slowly get accustomed to and that we have some invites to doggy birthday parties or just small gatherings. Perhaps one day I can finally see her play with another dog – which is my greatest wish for her. Isn’t it super duper sad to not have any friends of your own species and constantly feeling stressed when you’re around them?

Long story short, I’m really glad that I listened to my sis (always listen to your sis, unless you don’t have one then listen to me [NEJ listen up]) and created the IG account for Cotton. People in Singapore are generally nice, but dog lovers are even more awesome ^^

Btw, Cotton’s instagram is @cottonthemaltese, so follow her if you haven’t 🙂

Jamie and Cotton

4 thoughts on “Dogs on Instagram SG

  1. a-listerrogue says:

    HAHAHAHA ASSHOLE HAHAHAHA. awwwwwwww baby jamie tan all grown up :’)))))) btw biatch I bring the math answers to school tmr k it’s too damn messy if I take pic and whatsapp to you

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