Barkinggoodsg Treats YUM!

I have honestly never met such kind hearted individuals before meeting the dog community in Singapore (as you will learn later and in my later post) and thank you once again, Dionne from Barkinggoodsg!

After we wrote on cotton’s 6th month anniversary post on Instagram that Cotton would be seizure free soon, Dionne from Barkinggoodsg contacted me asking if it was possible for her to give Cotton some treats, to celebrate the official end of her seizure days with us. Cotton reminded her of her maltipoo, Noodles (“Noo Noo”). We readily agreed since Cotton is such a greedy pup and I honestly wanted to see how she would take to these baked goods. I have been wanting to order some freshly baked treats for her, but after learning my lesson from a wasted $80 purchase from vitacost in which cotton only like 1/4 of what I ordered, I was hesitant about buying these gourmet treats, afraid that they would, yet again, be wasted.

The entire process was really heartwarming and smooth, we settled on a date and when the date came, Dionne appeared with her yummy treats for Cotton. She even baked a cake for Cotton, with the words “congratulations cotton” and a sweet note attached, entailing how glad she is that Cotton is no longer plagued with seizures. It’s amazing how a total stranger (not anymore) can love all dogs like her own, going the extra mile just to celebrate a then stranger’s dog’s milestone. Dionne also walks the dogs at SPCA weekly, and gives them her scrumptious treats as encouragement.

Cotton thoroughly enjoyed the treats and most of them are already 1/4 gone! I think she loves the Apple and Cheddar bones the best, and I love those most too as they have Cotton’s name on them :)) I tried them myself and they tasted like baby biscuits!

Here are some photos of Cotton enjoying her treats!











These treats are really delicious and passed the fussy cotton test!

You can visit/contact Dionne to purchase her yummilicious treats at:
HP: +65 96914761

Once again, thanks Dionne! You are truly a kind soul and I’m thankful to have met you! 🙂

Jamie and Cotton


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