Bestest news of 2014

Last Wednesday, Cotton had a vet appointment with Senior Vet Dr Goh at Mount Pleasant Vet Centre (Jalan Gelenggang), to review her seizures status and the next appropriate course of action.

On the previous vet visit, senior vet Dr Goh decided to cut down the seizure medicine she’s on to 1/4 tablet per day as hadn’t gotten a seizure since August 2013. This time, Dr Goh further reduced her medication to 1/4 tablet and the best part was… Cotton will be completely off medication if she does not have a seizure with the reduction in medication!

Cotton is on medication as she had seizures every alternate days, during sleep or play, when she was first rescued in April 2013. We never thought that she would ever be off medication as seizures are generally either due to genetics or tumours in brain. What’s more, the maltese breed, along with some others such as Boxers, are more genetically predisposed to seizures.

So to all other dogs with the same problem as Cotton, don’t fret and don’t give up! Miracles can indeed happen 😛

Dr Goh further explained that the reason why Cotton’s seizures are gone is due to the absence of the trigger, such as stress or specific objects like cages/crates. As we were advised against crates for Cotton, as it would be very dangerous if she had a seizure while in it, we never got one. Also, mama tan doesn’t like the idea of Cotton in a crate 😛

To conclude the end of this episode, Cotton was sent for a liver test by Dr Goh, to check whether the medication that she took for more than a year has caused any adverse effect. Thankfully the results came back normal! We were even happier as we honestly thought the results will come back bad ._. While we were waiting, I tried to get Cotton to do some tricks, and it was so pawwwwsomeeee that she actually did some! In the past she would be too distracted and overwhelmed to listen to me or eat. A helper sitting nearby was so impressed by Cotton’s tricks – I guess cause they have a cat :P:P:P

So all in all it was a superb day cause Cotton:

1) Won’t have to take medication any longer in a few days – I have faith she won’t have a seizure

2) Liver’s normal

3) Managed to listen to me even with distractions – I guess our rapport is getting better ^^


Cotton after blood test – ever the happy child


Jamie and Cotton

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