6th Month Anniversary with Cotton

The saying "you have never known love until you have been loved by a dog" is so true, and has never ever rung true for me until now. Today marks the 6th official month Cotton has been with us, and to say we are happy is an understatement. We made a  little montage using Magisto app, … Continue reading 6th Month Anniversary with Cotton

Recipe #1: Liver Brownies For Dogs

Inspired by Peace and Woof's "Chicken Liver Training Treats for Dogs" video, we decided to try our hand at some liver brownies for Cotton too. They turned out really well and passed the fussy eater Cotton test, so it's a treat you could try for your dogster if she/he is a picky eater too! Most … Continue reading Recipe #1: Liver Brownies For Dogs

Bestest news of 2014

Last Wednesday, Cotton had a vet appointment with Senior Vet Dr Goh at Mount Pleasant Vet Centre (Jalan Gelenggang), to review her seizures status and the next appropriate course of action. On the previous vet visit, senior vet Dr Goh decided to cut down the seizure medicine she's on to 1/4 tablet per day as … Continue reading Bestest news of 2014

Cotton and me

Hello! So after much deliberation, I have finally decided to start a blog, documenting Cotton's life! It will centre mostly around cotton, with intermittent posts from myself 🙂 hope you guys join us on our long journey ahead! Jamie and Cotton