Primal Pet Foods – Reviewed!

It took a great leap of faith for us to switch Cotton over to a 100% commercial diet - Thankfully this proverbial leap had substantial benefits for Cotton and we have definitely made the right choice! "You are what you eat." - A healthy and balanced diet is essential for everyone, pets included. Ever since Cotton's first day … Continue reading Primal Pet Foods – Reviewed!

Cotton Reviews: Kohepets Shopping Haul

As the saying goes “too many cooks spoil the broth”. With so many online pet stores (and derivatives on Carousell, Shoppee, etc) popping up left, right and centre, it can be really hard to choose which pet store to purchase your supplies from. With this in mind, when Kohepets contacted us a month back to … Continue reading Cotton Reviews: Kohepets Shopping Haul

Cotton Reviews: 10 Must-haves For Every Dog Owner

26/10/2016 : While this post was written more than a year ago (read the following paragraph), we felt there was no harm posting this up because upon reading it again 1 year later (again, to be explained in the next paragraph), our views have not remained unchanged. We swapped out some items we felt didn't live … Continue reading Cotton Reviews: 10 Must-haves For Every Dog Owner

Review: Time for a break? Have a Chew Time chew! (updated)

Updated: 4 May 2015 Upon hearing that Cotton the picky pup prefers softer, meatier chews, Chew Time was kind enough to send us another 5 for us to try! Of course, now knowing Cotton's preferences, picky girl picked her top 3 favourites! Scroll down to find out which.. 😉 A few weeks back we learnt of … Continue reading Review: Time for a break? Have a Chew Time chew! (updated)

#Recipe 8: Meatie Nugget Bites

We are constantly looking for new recipes for Cotton, and this recipe was inspired by our friend Nikki and her dog Gizzy! It's a really simple recipe of combining just flour, meat, and other optional ingredients like ground flaxseed, shellent powder, even to hide tumeric or vegetables! Preparation time: 15mins Ingredients you will need: Lean … Continue reading #Recipe 8: Meatie Nugget Bites

Cotton’s Adventures: Swimming at The Wagington

Recently, Cotton was diagnosed with congenital mild grade 1 luxating patella in both hind legs. While at this stage surgery is not necessary, it is vital to keep her lean and fit with high muscle tone! Hence, we promised her that swimming at least twice a month will be on our To-Do list from now … Continue reading Cotton’s Adventures: Swimming at The Wagington

Cotton’s Adventures: Canterbury Road

After much persistence from our friend Kimmey to visit this place called "Canterbury Road" - to take pictures of the doggies - I finally relented and agreed despite it being such an "ulu" place. And it was probably the best decision (of 2015 :P): To start the new year with a walk with friends and … Continue reading Cotton’s Adventures: Canterbury Road

Grooming At Furbabies

After a 4 month hiatus from grooming, we finally brought scruffy McGee for some scissor action! We were uncertain where exactly to start, as a few months back, we had discovered that Cotton would freak out whenever we were close to, or walking by, her regular grooming place - Catalysing our decision to change groomers. … Continue reading Grooming At Furbabies

Byebye 2014, Hello 2015!

It has been a year and a month since smelly girl joined our family, and it has never been more complete - From outings and friends, to cooking and baking, to baths and poop scooping, it has been an utter joy! (okay, nope... I'm lying about the poop scooping) 😛 Anyhow, what better way to … Continue reading Byebye 2014, Hello 2015!

5 Ways To Stay Tick Free

Ticks are rather admirable creatures - they do what they are meant to do at the expense of everyone hating them... nope! Just kidding they aren't, they are the epitome of disgustingness and if I had to deal with them again, it would be too darn soon. A few weeks back, we brought Cotton to … Continue reading 5 Ways To Stay Tick Free